The Lonely Road

A nightmare to many
The power house of the brave
The fear of of loneliness
The beauty of it's perseverance

The joy of being in total control of my thoughts
Ability to choose which way to go
My thoughts, uninterrupted by a cacophony of cheers or disapproval
The future challenges and victory,
The only boulevard I see

I hate to admit it
Loners we are
Natality and mortality is spelt loneliness
The sweet-sour taste of solitude
Indeed,one man for himself

THE LONELY ROAD- the karma we despise
The path so inevitable.

So long have I traveled this lonely road
Without a friend
No shoulder to lighten the load

I often would think to myself
Even if there was a Comrade
No comrade will journey with me to the end
My sadness was mine alone to bear

Many watched me as I cry
I watched many walked away without concern.
I'm alone

Loneliness has a lesson to teach
This lonely road has
Taken me to a new world
I'm now a star in my imagination
Star so Bright
Mind refreshed
Thoughts different
Heart filled with pleasure

Watching the beauty of the night.
I made a sigh of relief.
My journey on this lonely road is now very fast
Because I refuse to carry the affliction.

Olabisi Abel Rotimi
Susan Ifeanyichukwu

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