The Demon in Me


The Demon In me

A friend in my thought

My surest adviser

The counsellor who wouldn't give up on my thoughts

The fastest reader of my mind

My decision maker.

The Demon in me!!!!!

Do it! Do it! 

It doesn't matter!

Do it now!!

You need it

You should have it

You deserve this heaven

Sleep with her

Yes sleep with her

Your wife will never find out

Oh! I forgot you are single

That makes it easy


Have that fun

It's your time.

Enjoy your youth my friend.

The Demon in me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not Steal the money in that account

No one will know

It's your pay for your hardwork through the years

Ok, don't take all

Transfer some to your account

You know how this things work

You need to survive

Remember the saying,

Heaven help those who help themselves

This is help my friend

Take it!!! Take it now!!!!

The Demon in me!!!!!

Hey! You need to masturbate right away

You need it

The way you stare at that girl

You want her badly

Wish you could have her!!?

Yes you can!!!!! 

Create that romantic and sex thought in your heart

You will feel good

Help yourself out!

Do it and tell me how you feel

It's the only way out!!!!!

The Demon in me!!!!!!

So in my thought!!!

My quick decider

Everything he made me do

I seem powerless

Becoming the master over my soul

So deep we are

Who will save me?

I'm drowning

I rebuke you Demon!!

I will never do that again

I will be determined

I will discipline myself

The Demon in me!!!!!!!!

I know you made a resolution yesterday

I will help you keep it

Just do this last one

It wouldn't bite

You will seek forgiveness after this

Just one more

Change the Document

Kill him to take that position

Implicate Him now!

It's your opportunity

It's a blessing in disguise!!!!

That's wonderful my friend

You did well! 

It's yours now

How do you feel?

You are bigger


Enjoy your life my smart friend!!!!

This is your Heaven!!!!!

DEATH DEATH DEATH!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

The Demon in me!!

Horrible aftermath

He stood to oppose me

He became my accuser

His appearance was rough and bitter

His smile filled with hatred

This was not the man I knew

Who supported me

Who was my counsellor

Why desert me now when I need him the most

Why not tell the one called The Almighty

That It wasn't my fault I lived wrongly.

Why can't he defend me?

I have been judged

My way is Everlasting Doom!!!!


Welcome home my friend

Let's continue our business here

Said the Demon in me

Followed by a wicked laughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The Demon in me has betrayed me

I wish I had listened to a Small still voice

Who warned me against every wrong action

I wish I had listened......

It's over. 

What is the Demon in you

Kill it now before it kills you

Written by Olabisi Abel Rotimi

Edited by Miracle Christain

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