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One morning, I arrived at the office and the secretary told me my boss Emeka requested to see me immediately. Anxious to know why he needed me so urgently, I went straight to his office. After a knock on the door, he told me to come in.
‘Good morning sir, I greeted him’
‘Good morning Mr. Abel, have a seat…….    I want to have a serious discussion with you’. 
  Ok sir, I said looking a bit disturbing, what can this be, I thought………………….
How do you cope knowing you are HIV positive? You put your heads high like nothing is wrong. You live as if all is well with you. You accepted your faith………Tell me your story. 

I know the question my boss Mr. Emeka asked me was a shock to all of you. My boss was very right! I was HIV positive. I realized I was HIV positive through the medical checkup conducted on me before securing my job. I wouldn’t have been given that job due to the medical result but Mr. Emeka had an interest in me.

…............ABEL TOLD HIS STORY........

I had to secretly carry out another test from a different hospital; the test result was HIV positive. It was hell for me on that day I got to confirm it. I was so confused. How did I get infected, I wasn’t a type who womanize. I have been faithful to my wife since we got married. She has been the only woman I had intercourse with. 

Could it be that Stella infected me? No, it can’t be. Even though I did not meet her as a virgin, I knew Stella to be a wonderful lady, a good Christian and also God-fearing.

I was in deep thought; I couldn’t fathom where this came from. My head was in a deep mess; I called a very close pal of mine and told him we should hang out for a drink. I needed that to clear my head; I couldn’t go home in that condition, how will I face Stella.

Michael immediately came over and we went to the nearest bar. Immediately we settled down, he asked me what was wrong. I narrated everything to him. 

He was so shocked, ‘but how did it happen? I don’t know you to be a womanizer. Maybe it’s the wrong result.

No Michael, it’s not, I confirmed it. My life is finished. How will I tell Stella? I have destroyed that innocent woman's life…. My marriage is over.

Abel, calm down, please calm down, let find a solution to this, it’s not the end of the world. By the way, did you do a medical test before your marriage? Did you both confirm your status? 

No, we did not, though the church marriage committee suggested it, we told them it was unnecessary because we trusted each other. We thought doing that would only cause distrust within us.

Michael rebuked me for not having that test. Then he asked me a very big question

Do you think Ifeoma is a carrier?

That particular question took me back to the past, I totally forgot about Ifeoma. She was the lady I last had sex with before getting married. But how come, Ifeoma wouldn’t do that to me, knowing she had HIV then forcing me to have sex with her, it’s impossible.

I told Michael, it couldn’t be from her and even if it was, the deed was already done. What should I do?

Confess to your wife, Michael replied, start by telling her about your affair with Ifeoma.

It seems you are out of your senses, how on earth will I do that? I can’t tell her, she will leave me. Without her by my side, I can’t survive.  I replied

After much talk and advice from Michael, I agreed to tell my wife no matter the consequence. 

We left the bar and headed to our various homes.

There was this heat in me as I move towards home; I was not comfortable within, lots of thought in my head. 

When I got home, I meet my wife in the kitchen. She was in a very happy mood, singing her usual song ‘JESUS YOU LOVE ME TOO MUCH OH’ By Mercy Chinwo. Acting cool, I hold her from behind and join in singing the song with her. She was happy to see me. 

She turned and gave me a kiss, ‘how was work today? 

Work was great, I replied.

You look worried, hope all is well? Or is it tiredness

Nothing is wrong dear like you said, it’s surely tiredness; there was lots of work to do at the office today.

Sorry dear, go take a shower while I set the table for dinner.

All through the dinner, I couldn’t say a word; she noticed I did not eat well. 

Something is surely wrong with you dear, I am your wife, you should tell me whatever it is, she said as she left her food then came over to my spot and massage my shoulder ‘what is wrong dear?

Nothing dear, it just works stress. Thanks for asking, you are such a caring wife. Thanks for coming into my life. I don’t want to ever lose you.

She smiled, Mr. Man, you can’t lose me, I’m yours forever, till death make us part, she said jokingly.  By the way dear, I have good news to tell you, she said

I’m listening dear, I said, wondering what the good news was about.

I went to see the Doctor this morning. He confirmed I’m two weeks pregnant….

I was so happy to know that Stella was pregnant for me, maybe this is God helping me, I thought to myself,  Stella won’t be able to easily leave me since she’s carrying my child……..

I did not tell Stella about my status, I decided to keep it until she delivered her our baby.

It was the ninth month of Stella’s pregnancy, on a particular night; she cried out and told me the baby was coming. I picked up my car keys and immediately rush her to the nearest hospital. She was admitted there for the delivery of the baby. A few hours later, the doctor told me my wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. I was so full of Joy, now I am a father. I thank the doctor and asked him if I could see my wife. He said I could and that I could discharge my wife since the delivery was successful without complications. 

Stella was full of joy, ‘dear, we have a son; he is so cute, just like you.

I went closer to my wife and gave her a deep hug, ‘thank you for making me a father, I love you so much. You are the best wife in the world. 

Three hours later, the doctor came to our ward; he said he wanted to check on the baby before we leave.  After he made a check on the baby, he told us the baby seems pale,’ ‘I think he needs a bit of blood transfusion’. The doctor said.

Blood transfusion!!!!!!? I and Stella shouted at the same time.  We stared at ourselves.

You have nothing to worry about, the doctor said, it’s a very simple thing, we just have to take the sample of your blood, we will use anyone that matches his. 

Before I could utter a statement, Stella shouted Noooooooooo, ‘No doctor, you can’t use any of our blood. You just can’t oooooh…….. Help us look for a donor. Please, doctor.

I was so confused, I couldn’t say a word. Does that mean she knows about my secret? Does that mean she already knows she has the virus? Why did she not react all this while?

The doctor who also was confused by Stella’s statement said, ‘Madam, I don’t seem to understand you, is there any problem? You and your husband are in the best position to donate for your child, finding another donor is a waste of time’.  

The doctor faced me and asked me what was happening.

Everywhere was silent, I summon the courage and asked my wife what she meant by saying we could not donate blood for our child. 

She looked at me with tears on are the face. Dear, we can’t, something is wrong with us.

‘Doctor, can you please excuse us, I and my husband needs to talk. The doctor left us alone but told us to be very fast about it so as to transfuse the blood to the child.

I was so hot inside, different thought was running through my head. So she knew all this while? 

Dear, the reason I said we can’t donate our blood for our baby is that we are sick, we are HIV positive. I………

I did not allow her to speak further, I just went on my knees and started apologizing….

‘I am so sorry dear, I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you would leave me. I did not want to lose you, I’m sorry for bringing this upon us. With tears on my face, I explained everything that happened between me and Ifeoma and how I got to know I was HIV positive. 

Stella did not utter a word until I finished speaking; she was just staring at me. After I explained everything to her, she cried the more. I felt so bad and I just kept apologizing.

Now, we were silent, staring at each other, no one was saying anything, I had been apologizing but she had refused to say anything.

She broke the silence, ‘dear, I knew about your affair with Ifeoma, 

I was so shocked, ho....how...how did you know?

That particular day, I was on my way to your house to tell you a very important thing. I was about knocking on your door when I realize you were on a call, maybe it was the woman jealousy in me, I decided to eavesdrop. That was how I got to know it was Ifeoma your ex you were talking to and that you both wanted to meet at a particular hotel. I followed you to the Hotel then picked up my phone and called you, telling you I was coming to your house, you said I shouldn’t come, that you were not in town; you said you needed to get something for the wedding. 

The reason I went to your house that day was to tell you to stop the wedding plan; I wanted to tell you that you could not marry me. I wanted to tell you that you were the best man in the world and I wasn’t the right woman for you. I couldn’t afford to get married to you and destroy your life.

Getting confused, I asked her what she meant by all that, 

Dear, you did not get the Virus from Ifeoma, you got it from me. 

I don’t understand, I said, you mean you were HIV positive before you married me?

Yes, I was HIV positive, 

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I shouted, how could you? Why me? What was my offense? Was it a crime loving you? And come to think of it, I have been beating myself so hard trying to think of a way to tell you that I have the virus and that I might have passed it to you. Why did you have to do that to me?

....................................... Intermission....................... Stella's Tells hers Story..........................

Since the age of 17, I had been a victim of men's wicked behavior. My virginity was taken by my uncle through rape, his son also won’t let me be, and he also had his share. I was turned into a sex machine by father and son all because I was a poor orphan who had no place to go for help. They made me do series of abortions because they couldn’t afford to be mocked when people will realize they impregnated their blood.

I left the house when I couldn’t take it anymore. I had nowhere to go. Life was very hard for me. On a particular day, I was so sick to the point of death, I was rushed to the hospital by a lady who saw me when I collapse. I got to find out in the hospital that I was having HIV and the reason I fainted was because of a lack of care. I cried when the doctor told me about my condition. The doctor took her time to comfort me, she told me it wasn’t the end of the world, that all I need to do was take proper care of my body.

The lady who brought me to the hospital paid my hospital bill, I told her I had nowhere to go, that I had been living from one uncompleted building to another. She took me home and told me I was going to live with her.

After we got to her house, I narrated my story to her. She felt so sorry for me, ‘life is wicked, she said, especially with men in it. Don’t worry dear, I will help you but only if you can join me in my line of business.

I will do anything, I replied. I can’t keep living my life like this.

I later got to know that she was into prostitution, but what can I do? My life was already finished and I needed to make a living. As a matter of fact, I needed to pay men back for what they did to me. I blamed all men for the bad act my uncle and son did to me. I was going to take my revenge on all men.

I got into the prostitution business; I made sure I had sex with men without protection especially when I know you had a wife at home. Some men thought they were lucky enough to have me without protection because they enjoy me better but they never knew the enjoyment was what will cause their ultimate death.

Not far from my house, there was a church I manage to attend after I was been preached to by the pastor in charge of the church. He will always tell me, Sister God loves you; I will like you to come to our service if you are chanced.  

His preaching's weren’t new to me, after all, I was a Christian and I do go to church before the death of my parents. 

On this particular day, I decided to attend the church since the pastor won’t give up on his usual visitation.  I meet them in the worship section, ‘oh, how I missed church, haven’t been to church for the past 10 years. The song they were singing wasn’t new to me so I joined in singing it. The worship was calm and cool; I felt a bit strange in my spirit, something was wrong, where is this peace coming from?

Afterward, the pastor came up to preach, “He's going to preach about me, I said to myself. After all, he knows they have a sinner in their church today. This seems to be the reason some of my friends in my line of business do runaway whenever they manage to attend any church, the preaching that day was always about them. These always make them uncomfortable and they concluded that church was not for them, it was for the righteous people. 

But my thought was wrong, his preaching that day was all about the love of God for everyone willing to have it. He narrated a few stories from his past life and how God intervened in his life because God loved him. After his preaching, he told the church he now has a new friend, and the friend was in their midst today. He called me out in a grand style, I was so amazed, everyone was clapping and shaking me as the usher directed me to the front. I felt so loved.

That event changed my life; I became a regular attendant in church though I was still into prostitution because I needed to make a living.

After a particular service, the pastor called me to his office. He told me his life story and how God saved him. He said to me, ‘God can save you too Sister Stella but only if you give him a chance. He is not a God that forces people, you must be willing. 

I told him every detail of my life. He prayed with me and told me to believe in God to take absolute control. He said I should give God a chance. He made me promise to leave the prostitution business and gave me 200 thousand naira cash to start a business. He also promised to get me a job as time goes on. 

What more could I ask for, God was indeed a loving God.

I left my prostitution business and I became a real child of God. 

Feeling a lot of people in my area might not see me as a changed person due to the nature of the job they knew me with, I decided to relocate and start a new life. 

I told my Pastor about it, he agreed with me on the condition that I would never go back to my vomit and that I would find a bible believing church to go so as to keep myself strong in faith.

I left and relocated far away. That was how I meet you at your church. I joined the choir and God used me for His glory. No one knew anything about me, so I was very comfortable and free. I thought to myself, ‘I don’t have to tell anyone here my story, I have to keep my respect, God has forgiven me, that is all that matter’. The leaders in my church saw how God was using me; it was not long before I was made the choir leader. I realized God doesn’t work with the past life of people instead He focuses on the new person in you. 

When you came to me that particular day to tell me you feel I will be your wife, I wasn’t surprised because God had been showing me something like that but I did not  accept it because I thought God wanted to give me a false hope, how can a person like me, who have an incurable disease get married.

When you wouldn’t give up on me, I had to accept your proposal thinking, since God was involved in it, He will surely find a way for me. Telling you my secret wasn’t in my plan, I felt you did not have to know, if God really wanted to keep us together then you don’t have to know.

The kind of love you showed me during our courtship made me realize all men were not the same, you were so lovable and God-fearing even though you didn’t look so spiritual.

I prayed so hard to God to never lose you, but God gave me a condition, to tell you about my past. I couldn’t bring myself to do that. No man will know I have HIV and still want to marry me.

We fixed our wedding; everything was going smoothly until two days to our wedding when God told me I needed to tell you my secret before we are joined together. He told me he had a good plan for us, only if I could carry out His instruction with faith. That day, there was a conviction in my spirit. I decided to come over to your side, I was ready for the worst, God has led me and He promised me he would take control.

I came to your house that particular day to tell you about it but I saw a different thing. What I saw made me realize all men were the same and they deserve whatever might come to them in life.

I made up my mind never to tell you about my secret. I didn’t bother praying about it again. The wedding was already in two days, we would get married like that, I concluded……………………..


After Stella finished her story, I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was the doctor, he had been at the door all along. He came to tell us we needed to hurry up because he will soon be off duty. We did not notice him; we were deep in our confession. He stood by the door and listen to everything we had to say.  We later realized God wanted to use Him for us that was why he came in at that moment to hear our story. 

Doctor James was a genuine child of God; he told me I had to forgive my wife that we needed to forgive ourselves for the sake of the baby. He told us he would do his best to find a donor for the child and to educate the mother on how to take care of the baby without infecting the child. But we needed to work together as a team. And also retrace our step back to God

What else can I do? The deed had been done? Only God can intervene now.

A donor was found and the blood transfusion was carried out. After two days, we were told we could go home with our child. Doctor James made sure he came along with us. He wanted to know where we lived, he said he was now a godfather to the child and a friend to the family.

Doctor James' presence in our family was really God’s help to us. He trained us on how we could leave appropriately without having to think we will die soon. He quoted a lot of scriptures each time he speaks, telling us we needed to key into the word of God. 

Though we were HIV positive we lived freely like nothing was wrong, our past had been settled and we could face the future together. 

One day, Doctor James told us God gave him a message for us. He told us that God actually said He had a good plan for us. That He was really going to heal Stella on the day of our wedding only if she had obeyed Him. Satan knew about God’s plan to renew you, so he made that event between Brother Abel and his ex to occur and for you to witness it. It was all the plan of the devil. Now, God said I should tell you, you both need to totally forgive each other. And He is still the same God, God of Yesterday, Today and Forevermore. He gave me a scripture to give to you……Exodus 15 vs 26…

Our prayer life which was weakened was rekindled. We used the scripture God gave us to pray every day; we were now very sure God was going to cure us. His word is life… we go to Doctor James hospital every month for a blood test, he was always happy to see us, he like the fact that we were acting in faith to God’s word.


Mr. Emeka was anxiously waiting to hear the end of my story. Did God heal you? He asked.  

Yes, He did, after lots of prayers and commitment to God. He finally gave us a testimony and we’ve been sharing our testimonies around. 

Mr. Emeka shouted in Joy, so you mean to tell me that you no longer have the disease in you?

Yes, sir. I replied that is what God can do if you trust in Him. He will make impossibility become possible.  He gives happiness to those who seek it. All we need to do is to let Him be the light that will light our path.

My boss was so deep in thought, he told me he never knew God was this powerful and did not believe there was any real miracle anywhere.  

His looks were so confused and worried, I know he had been passing through a lot since he lost his baby and his wife hasn’t been able to get pregnant since then.

The spirit of God immediately told me this was the time to talk to him. A time to strengthen and make him realize that only God is able to solve any situation.

I had a long talk with my boss that day, but he told me I could never understand his plight. That his situation wasn’t what he thinks God could solve. 

I tried convincing Him that God who could save me and my wife can also save him if he would allow Him.

He looked straight into my eyes and said, let me tell you a secret, no one knows about this, not even my wife. 

‘I can’t father a child, he said, I have a low sperm count.

I was so shocked to hear that, it’s unbelievable.  That not true sir, I thought you and your wife once had a kid.

That wasn’t my child, I guess my wife had an affair outside our marriage, I was only willing to accept that child because I knew my condition and my wife wasn’t aware.

But the child couldn’t even live for a day; I came to know a few months ago that my wife killed the baby when she realized the child wasn’t mine. The doctor she bribed who was my best friend came to my office, crying profusely he told me of the atrocity my wife led him to commit. He said he was afraid my wife could kill him since she was bold enough to kill her newborn baby. He returned the money he collected to me and told me to be very careful of my wife. 

My boss was crying profusely as he narrated his pains. I was so silent. I felt a sense of guilt. I didn’t know where that guilt came from but I knew something wasn’t right in my spirit. 

I was about saying something when my boss suddenly said, ‘the reason I’m still with Ifeoma is that I tried to understand her, I had also lived a bad life, I couldn’t judge her. I know she was forced by her parents to marry me. But I did not believe she could kill her baby just to want to be with me. I later realized she was finally in love with me; she took that decision because she did not want to leave me.  Knowing that was enough reason for me to forgive her.

Immediately my boss mentioned the name of his wife, I came to understand why I had a sense of guilt in me, so Ifeoma was pregnant with my baby, and I haven’t told my boss that his wife was the ex I mentioned in my story. 

‘Tell him now, a voice whispered in my ear.

I have learned in a bitter way to understand that when God tells you to do something, He is always behind you.

I told my boss about his wife, he was a bit shocked to know I was his wife ex and that we had an affair a week to her wedding. But since he already knows the end of my story, he couldn’t lay much blame on me. He only said, 'that means she might have gotten pregnant that day you had intercourse with her.

I nodded my head. I am so sorry sir, I apologized.

He smiled and said there is nothing to be sorry about, ‘God has forgiven you and restored your home’. I want you to help my home, save me Abel; I also want my home to be restored. My wife has been feeling so down this few days, her secret is killing her, she does not even know I already know about it. She is so sad. Our secret is so heavy on our shoulders.

That was the moment I was waiting for, I knew God wanted to use me to restore his home, our case was similar. 

I told my boss, I wasn’t the helper he needed to call on, that the helper he needed was God. We spent a bit of time talking about how God is willing to heal him and restore his life only if he believes. 

He accepted everything I said and said he was ready to give his total self to God. We prayed together. 

I told him he needed to confess his sin to his wife. He told me he would because even at the moment he could feel the peace in His heart. But I have to follow him home.

I followed him home believing it was the leading of God.

…………………........Ifeoma’s Home..................

Ifeoma was so shocked to see me with her husband. Her husband smiles at her and told her not to be afraid, that I was a savior sent to help them. 

Ifeoma was so confused, she could not point out what her husband was driving at, what do you mean? She asked her husband.

Abel told me about your affair with him before our marriage. 

Jee….ee..sus….. Ifeoma was so shocked, she immediately went on her knees, crying bitterly, she started apologizing. She told her husband she didn’t mean to do that. 

Emeka told her to stand up, that she was already forgiven. Is there any other thing you are keeping from me? He asked her. 

No dear, that is the only secret. She replied

Emeka looked at me and smile, turning to his wife, he asked again, are you sure you don’t want to tell me anything I need to know?

No dear, there is nothing, I just want you to forgive me for what happened between me and Abel.

Its ok dear, have forgiven you, I understand the circumstance that surrounded your behavior then. By the way, I also have a confession to tell you, do you think you will be able to forgive me?

What confession would you have that I won’t be able to forgive you since you could forgive mine?

I can’t father a child, I have low sperm count, immediately Emeka said that everywhere was silent, 

Ifeoma stood still, afterward, she collapsed. We rush her to the hospital after trying all the effort to wake her up. 

The doctor said she was in great shock and we have to give her time to come back in consciousness.

Ifeoma regains consciousness in the evening, she was so surprised to see us beside her. She wept. I am sorry Emeka, she said, i..i…i…..

Emeka covered her mouth; you don’t have to say anything, I know everything you want to say, the doctor came to confess to me. 

She cried the more, why do you still allow me to be with you after knowing all this? I don’t deserve a good man like you.

Emeka told his wife to take a rest and that he will always be there beside her.

I was standing there watching these two love birds; they really did love each other.

Satan always finds a way to bring home like this to nothing. Just like he did with mine. 

But by God’s grace, his reign is over in this home. 

After the doctor’s observation, Ifeoma was discharged that night. 

When we got home, I shared a little word of God with them and I also gave them the same passage Doctor James gave to me. I was about leaving when my boss told me I should sleep over since it was already late. 

I slept over at my boss's house, though I spent most of the night praying for their restoration. I left in the morning after taking breakfast and receiving enough thanks from both Ifeoma and her Husband. I was happy with the atmosphere I saw around them. There was peace in the home. They were free. I walked out smiling and praising God. 



Emeka was healed; IFEOMA got pregnant and gave birth to a twin. Two bouncing baby boys.

Emeka almost jumped into the sky. He was extremely joyful. His excitement was beyond comprehension.

 God had healed their home………. They also had a HAPPILY EVER AFTER...... Hallelujah ……………………………………………………

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