Basic Fact you Need to know

A man who thinks is wise in his own sight always brag feeling important than others which is nothing but vanity at the end but he who submits to humbly climb the steps of life with determination will surely smile joyful at the top

*Note: We aren't just discussing about pace which ofcos is very important but we are trying to reveal the benefits in steady walk with our Creator. Steady walk with Him is more faster than we can imagine; its just that we aren't blessed with PATIENT AS A VIRTUE*

*Not starting is better than incompletion*
You've got lots of ideas;
Why not take it step after another???
Why jumping from one idea to another leaving an unfinished work???
Why faster than your Maker???
Why faster than your shadow???

Sure, you might get there but *note* that the benefits which you miss are what will sustain you at your destination

*Dear Friends, let's learn to Take Life Easy. Pick Up Those Ideas One After Another. Live Daily. Smile Always. Never Be In Haste. Remember, there's time for everything; so finish that one before launching into another. Stop jumping because a time is coming when you might be left with incomplete works with no idea to finish them (Trust me; Its The Bitter Truth From Experience) because you appear faster than yourself.*

*A Completed Bungalow Is Better Than An Uncompleted Duplex.*

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